Yukon Critter Stickers by ShiloT

Woo! I got my stickers today and I am so thrilled! They are awesome! I’ve already sold a bunch to a local business, and I plan to take them up to Yukomicon as well! :D They’re about 4 inches in size, professionally printed on vinyl and die cut, and can withstand a bunch of abuse. I just adore them and I plan to make more in this Yukon Critter series!








Better question: How on EARTH did he get MAURICE TO DO THAT.

Wow… just…. wow…


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Kraft Dinner TMNT Commercial with Vanilla Ice.

Better yet?






Does everyone remember that part of Kingdom Hearts 2 when we all thought that Goofy had fucking died and Mickey Mouse actually said the words, “They’ll pay for this…!” then threw off his Organization cloak like a stone hard motherfucker and went to exact vengeance for his fallen friend?


I mean, this is a canonically accurate depiction of what Mickey Mouse would do if one of his friends were killed and nobody ever talks about it.

One of my favorite parts of KH2 was when you died to a boss and instead of getting a game over, you’d sometimes be able to play as Mickey who fucking wrecked the shit out of whatever you fighting. Sometimes I lost on purpose just to try and get to play him.

Dude’s like Yoda.

This only happens once for me because of Xaldin’s cheap ass.

Do not fuck with the Mouse.











Finding a vegan dog bone is proving difficult -_-

Because dogs are carnivores, with identical digestive systems to wolves.  There is no such thing as “vegan bone.”

Hint: plants don’t have bones.

god fucking damnit stop feeding your dog fucking garbage or get a fucking rabbit if you must have a ~vegan pet~

fucks sake

lmao vegan dog bone

A stick. The item you’re searching for is a stick.

bolding above comment because I laughed right the fuck out loud

I once met a vegan dog. It was unhealthiest looking animal I have ever seen.

Abusing/neglecting your dog because you’re scared of hurting animals. Oh the irony.


Our dog developed an allergy (we think) to meat protein. He kept chewing his rear and tail till it bled raw. We got him on a vegetarian only diet; kibble, can, and treats; now the chewing has stopped and he is getting much better. We tried every available dog food and treat out there; it was after all this the vet prescribed a vegetarian-only diet. Funny that.

Yah, exactly this, but just to add to it, our dog is on the “veggie diet” and while he is doing extremely well, it is also a MEDICALLY PRESCRIBED diet, meaning it is made to ensure his health. To just give your dog veggies because you’re a vegan, is just you being an idiot and abusing your animal. 

All animals need to be on diets that are HEALTHY and right for them. Vegetarian diets for carnivore animals can work if it’s created to suit their health requirements. Unfortunately, most of these vegan dipsticks can hardly maintain healthy diets for themselves, never mind an animal.

Also, there are many fruits and vegetables that are excellent treats for dogs if you want to change it up for them. Apples, sweet potato, carrots, bananas, are all things that are good for your pooch!

Oh, and let me point out something to those who go “DOGS ARE CARNIVORES THEY ONLY EAT MEAT HURR HURR”. Go grab your dog’s bag of kibble. Read it. The first ingredient will almost always be CORN. It’s a filler used in almost all dog food. Better foods use rice. MEAT is something that will be 5-10 ingredients down the list. For those who don’t know, the lower on the list an ingredient it, the less of that ingredient is in the food. So pretty much any dog food as very little meat anyways, and what meat there may be, is probably “by product”, meaning the scraps of the meat, not a lot of good stuff. So guess what? Dogs don’t require meat nearly as much as you think.

In the end, if you want to change your dogs diet for any reason, do the right thing and consult a vet first

t-bonegrady replied to your post: Too many places to care.

What exactly is making it so stressful? Is it people that you just feel like you HAVE to keep an eye on or something?

Some people I know only use Facebook, so I feel like if I delete it, I’ll miss something about them. Also, I have “work” Facebook pages to maintain, which is annoying.  As for twitter… I dunno, it lost it’s appeal, I guess? So much crap, so little of anything interesting. 

I guess I feel like I waste a lot of energy thinking about sites that shouldn’t take up near the amount of time as they do. 

So I have a Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, multiple Tumblrs, Deviantart, my own personal site, and I visit a ton of forums.

The first two I have no idea why I even keep. I barely pay attention to twitter anymore, and Facebook just bugs the fuck out of me. I mean I try and post to twitter but… meh. Facebook I keep to “stalk” people but really is it even worth the effort anymore? Why do I even bother? Sometimes I feel like I have too many places on the internet to look after, and it annoys me. Like it’s unnecessary stress. Some days I think I should just wipe some of my accounts off the face of the internet….





You will address me as Captain or Ma’am by Ryoko-demon

It is so exceptionally hard to pull off that cartoony look, but this chick like… knocked it out of the park. Perfection.


Untouchable by Ryoko-demon

Just follow your heart by Ryoko-demon

Crazy winter by Ryoko-demon

Where are You, Pikachu? by Ryoko-demon

My ferngully by Ryoko-demon


Hollywood: “But we can’t make the costumes look like they do in the comic books or cartoons!  It’s too unrealistic!”

Me: “Lies!”

Hollywood: “It won’t look right!”

Me: “LIES!”

Hollywood: “Fans demand realism!”


  1. Camera: Canon EOS 6D
  2. Aperture: f/1.8
  3. Exposure: 1/80th
  4. Focal Length: 53mm

Police say a beaver is to blame for felling a tree that collapsed onto a car driven by Quebec tourists in Prince Edward Island on Saturday.

The Mounties say the rodent had been gnawing at the large tree next to Highway 16 at Priest’s Point, near Souris, before it fell at about 2 p.m.

The driver told investigators he saw the tree falling onto the roadway but he was unable to avoid it as it crashed down onto his vehicle.

The couple and their two infant children weren’t injured but the Toyota they were in sustained significant damage to the roof, windshield, and to a cargo box.

Police say when they examined the tree they found it and several other nearby trees had been chewed by the beaver, and arrangements were made to have the damaged trees taken down.

The vehicle has been taken to a body shop for repair, and police say “the beaver is still at large.”


This started off as a joke comic, but then the last panel happened and now I can’t stop smiling. 

Baby Vanellope! *cuteness overload*